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How To Sell Domain Names

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Created by the author of "From Domains To Dollars" & "How To Sell Domain Names: A Weekend Crash Course"

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matt stevens

Matt, with his
4 -year old daughter, Leslie.

Matt Stevens
made over $17K in domain name profits in just 6 months with
Domain Sellers Club®


Dear Domain Name Owner

May I ask you one question? Do you have in your possession - RIGHT NOW - a domain name that you think could be worth hundreds of dollars?

Or do you think you possibly own a domain name that is worth THOUSANDS or more?!

If you're not making money with your domain name right now, you're simply throwing away money that rightfully belongs to you!... Maybe you just don't have the time, or the know-how, to properly profit from your domain name...


Do you know that there are people who would pay good money to you to get their hands on a domain name just like yours?

It could be an individual...or a domain investor... or even a large corporation, who could benefit greatly from your domain name.

They know EXACTLY what kind of domain name they want and they know EXACTLY what to do with it.

And let me tell you this: if YOU have the domain name they want, you could be at the right place and at the right time make a lot of money by selling your domain.

sell my domain
If you'll lend me just 2 minutes of your time, I will show you how you can make massive profits from your domain name month after month with minimum risk. In a nutshell, here's how it works: You buy a domain cheap, then you sell it high. If you don't sell it, you can still make money from it until you cash in! You can do this over and over with all your domains adding to your income!

Let me tell you more so you can see with your own eyes how you can take advantage of this opportunity today.

We started the Domain Sellers Club® way back in 2003. With a pioneer batch of domain resellers and full-time investors, we put together the best domain selling knowledge and tools under one roof and connected our members with real-world top domain investors and buyers. We have grown over the years and now have networks in four continents. A few of our members have gone on to achieve top rankings for record-breaking domain sales!

I have personally sold over 400 domain names. Some of my favorite domain sales include one to a telecommunications company in Cyprus; another one to a well-known Scotttish legal firm; and one more to a giant advertising company in the USA. You don't have to take my word for it; see for yourself the dozens of testimonials from our members and the amazing successes they have recorded only with the Domain Sellers Club®.

The Domain Sellers Club Offers Top Advice So You Can Make 3, 4, Even 5-Figure Profits
from your domain names

Whether you have already experienced some success with selling domain names or just starting to get the basics right, what you need to understand is that even obscure and inferior domain names can be transformed to their fullest potential and then receive interest from genuine buyers, even multiple investors at once to start a desperate bidding war for your domain!

The domain investors are ready & waiting for you to make the first move!


How You Too Can Do This Even If You

Don't Know Much About Domain Names

Which Of These Represents Your Experience With Domain Names?

I have never sold a domain name ever

I don't know where to find real buyers for my domains

Profits from my
domain names amounts to less than $50/mth

I have sold domains before but don't make much at all

The Domain Sellers Club® will show you how begining today. Many of our most successful members started from ground ZERO. If there's anyone who's been telling you that your domain name sucks or that you cannot make money in this business, it's time to prove them wrong. Dead wrong!

Read These Testimonials...

robert"Turn Your Domains To Profits..."

"This the absolute best domain selling information.

Speed up your learning curve. I wish I had found this two years ago when I started. It's a report of years of experience from both Edwin and experts around the world.

This is more than learning about domain selling techniques and strategies - it goes into details about how to run a successful domain business. This is money well spent and the earlier you get your hands on this information the faster you turn your domain business into a profitable enterprise. A sure BUY!"

Robert Fleege
Editor & Webmaster

paul"I Strongly Believe..."

"Edwin, I really enjoyed this and found myself glued to it.

You should be commended for a thorough but straightforward guide for brokering domain names.

I strongly believe that anyone adhering to your easy to follow methods would substantially INCREASE their chances of making a profit buying and selling domains."

Editor, Internet Goldrush


brian"Sold My First Domain In Days..."

"You have showed me countless ways of improving my selling techniques. I have already sold two domain names only days after reading your ebook! I would say that's amazing considering I hadn't sold a name since I started in 1999! I highly recommend this to beginners as well as people who have been in the business for years"

Brian Aslakson
sold & in record time


mason"This Is Extremely Valuable..."

"Edwin, thank you for sharing your experience and the advice of so many experts in this extremely valuable resource. These pages are worth their weight in gold!

I am a webmaster, database programmer, researcher & writer. Your book is not only a timesaver, but also a vital resource that I will keep nearby as I begin to wade into the domain name game.

You provide your members with realistic expectations and a ton of hints and tips for selling domains. I found your work fantastic.

Thank you for sharing your expertise."

Mason Burley
Webmaster & Author


If you're willing to focus your attention right now to what I am about to say to you, then you are exactly where you need to be to join the elite circle of FULL TIME domain income earners.

You don't have to spend hours upon hours in the Member Area trying to make sense of it all.

Firstly, we'll tell you exactly what you need to DOWNLOAD in the Member Area. These are some of the most amazingly comprehensive resources on domaining buy and sell tools you will find anywhere. All conveniently located exclusively in the Member Area. Don't worry. You don't need to download everything in one go because you have LIFETIME unlimited access. You can come back again tomorrow or the day after or next month and access whatever you need, anytime you need it, even if it's the middle of the night.

Secondly, we'll tell you exactly what to READ in the Member Area. Knowledge is your lifeline. This will put you ahead of your competitors. Remember, you're not the only one wanting to make money with your domain names. But you're already at an advantage because you have something they do not have ~ help from the Domain Sellers Club. While others have to sort through tons of garbage information floating on the net, we'll give you the best real-time information. And trust me, it's not difficult to read. We have packaged it for easy reading and fun humor, which I'm pretty sure you will thoroughly enjoy, even if you don't like to to read.

Thirdly, we'll tell you exactly what you can begin doing with your domain names right now . We're not going to lie and say that all your domain names will sell for thousands of dollars tonight. Anyone who says that does not know anything about the domain name business. What we will tell you is that some of your names will sell and some won't. The key is making money with each and every domain you own! We'll show you how you can generate automatic ongoing cash incomes even with domain names you're not able to sell.

What Do The Domain Name Industry
Leaders And Authorities Say About Us

An admirable project. Very impressive...


Good job. I think many people miss the most obvious answers to sell their domains...

Trademarks displayed belong to their respective owners, and does not constitute an affiliation or sponsorship of those entities..


Unlike other domain selling and bidding sites which may or may not have training sub-sections, over the last year or so, we have put 100% of our efforts into providing our members the most valuable resources needed to succeed.

These strategies, training materials and business intelligence exchange are EXACTLY the same ones which the most successful members of Domain Resellers Club® have used to generate thousand dollars of pure profits from their domain names.

Whether you are a homemaker, retiree, student or an airline pilot, you now have this wonderful opportunity to profit big time from your domain names.

You don't have to worry if you don't know much about domain names because your experience doesn’t matter. Even if you don't have the skills that you think those big-time domain professionals possess, no worries. If you don't have much time to devote to the business, that's fine. Some of our members spend just one hour or so on the weekends and they have done exceptionally well. All that is expected from you is a willingness to learn and to follow some simple instructions.

Here are some things that you WILL NOT need to do when you're in the Member Area:

Waste countless hours watching tons and tons of boring videos that tell you what you already know. Nothing like that in here. Our information is clear, concise and up-to-date. They're highly relevant information that you can put to use to increase your income immediately.
Spend more money in buying additional software, more ebooks or extra programs. No other fees or payments. There is NO "Pay More To Upgrade To Silver Or Gold Membership", so common in a hundred other programs. In here, you go straight to the TOP - Platinum Level. With no hidden fees or costs.
Try and figure things out on your own. We have an excellent support system. A HelpDesk that puts you first. Besides, I'm always online (when I'm not asleep). If you have any questions or need some advice, we'll be most happy to respond to your queries in a timely manner.

WARNING! Common Domain Newbie Mistakes To Avoid...

There are four common pitfalls. These expensive mistakes can be devastating to anyone especially those just starting out. Don't make the same mistake that thousands of domain newbies are making. We will show you how to avoid these to save you money and time and pave the way to faster success.


These are JUST some of the things Domain Sellers Club will help you with…

Identify your best domains in profitable niches and sub-niches
(discover which domains you should keep your eyes on!)

Know the 3 most important things on how to buy valuable “available domain names”

(it's incredible that so many domain investors fail at this!)

Start making money from your unused domain names

(this one strategy alone can put hundreds of dollars in your Paypal account every month!)

Use uncommon strategies to be the FIRST to buy any domains available

(we will give you a comprehensive step-by-step guide that even a 12-year old can follow without screwing it up!)

Learn about “Domain Flipping” and how to make insane profits using this technique effectively
(very few domainers are aware of this!)

Understand the myths behind domain PR (PageRank) and how it can help you

(this is my favorite money maker strategy and I'm going to expose it all to you!)

Get the secrets of getting FREE STUFF like air tickets and mobile phones from your domain names
(you will never believe how this is possible!)


Unlike many other membership sites that load their membership area with tons of video that no one ever bothers to watch or plan to watch "sometime in the future", we will teach you all you need to know right now, step-by-step, in simple, easy-to-understand ways; the basics of domain name trading as part of the Internet marketing phenomenon. We are not satisfied just giving you the BIG PICTURE of domain reselling for profit without guiding you every step of the way! Our materials cover from A to Z, everything needed to successfully profiting from your domain names.


Everything you need to be a successful domain seller is INSIDE.

There’s more: by joining the Domain Sellers Club, you will be able to SUBMIT to REAL buyers quality domain names you own! We DON’T take any commissions for domains you sell. Your sale will be 100% YOURS!

To make it even EASIER to access this wealth of domain information and tools and resources, we have waived the ANNUAL membership fee. We have also reduced the regular member signup fee of $97, to an all-time low of only $37 (THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER)! Since we have recently launced version 2.0 and added to our site a lot of brand new content, as well as a new look and feel, we expect impressive feedback from our community of successful domainers.


 Let's take a look at what you will find in the special Member Area...

How I Sell My Domain Names: A Weekend Crash Course
buy sell domain names
This is the brains of real domain sellers. The most successful domain profiteers start with this superb guide. This is one of the first and still one of the best guide ever written for domainers. You will learn how to FIND BUYERS for your domain names. Also discover how to make your domain names irresistible and valuable to potential buyers.

5th Edition - New Updates for 2015!

From Domains To Dollars

Top domainers teach you their best tips and favorite tricks to make money from your domain names now! Interview panel includes some of the most respected professionals in the field.


The JC Report : Exclusive

Exchange Your Domain Names For Cool Stuff
Learn how you can get your hands on air tickets, holiday packages, electronic goods and more. Domain Sellers Club® member, college student, Jesse Carpenter, shows you how he finds and buys domain names that get him lots of fabulous stuff like mobile phones, electronic gadgets and more.


Bonuses & Resources
Domain Flipping Guide, Boost Your PageRank Software Guide, Sell Your Websites Audio Guide, Domain Riches Audio Guide, Software, Tools, Forums, Recommended Buys, Appraisal Software and so much more...

Be sure to visit the MEMBERS AREA regularly, for new content will be added from time to time to help you and enable you to incorporate useful side-skills in your “domainer’s toolset"!

The Domain Sellers Club is a training center comprising of a unique suite of tools where you can learn exactly how to profit from your domains and how to become really good at it.


"Hey, I'm just like you. I like money too, lots of it! :) When I see a golden opportunity, I DON'T pass it up. And I can clearly see this really is a golden window of opportunity. Just follow the course to buy and sell domain names for profits; repeat over and over again to hit your income goal. Get the income, free time and security that you've always dreamed of!"



Domain Sellers Club has a step-by-step process designed to get you to your goals.

Don't Miss It.

NO monthly subscriptions.

NO annual fees.

NO hidden costs. NO other payments ever.

Lifetime membership. Full access guaranteed. 100%


"Get Instant Access"

Now Only $37 (60% Discount)
(limited time offer, one time payment!)


The total cost is just $97 $37, one-time. That's it. Not monthly, not annually. No subscription rip-offs, no fake "trial offers", no phoney upgrade offers. Just 97 37 bucks flat.

– and that includes this ironclad 60 day, money back guarantee –

Domain Sellers Club Version 1 sold for $97. The all-new completely updated Version 2.0 is loaded with tons of additional new features and tools and is priced at a fraction of the original price of $97.

We're opening up Domain Sellers Club Version 2.0 for an introductory price of $37 on a limited basis because, (and I think you'll agree with me on this), we've learned that rewarding businesses are established on long-term profitable relationships and not the flash in the pan stuff so many people are trying to pass off on the internet.

So right now, here is your opportunity to join a close, like-minded group of people, just like you and I, who share the same goals… our #1 goal is to work together, share innovation, techniques, tools to create success with our domain names and long-term income growth.

The Domain Sellers Club is a training center comprising of a unique suite of tools where you can learn exactly how to profit from your domain names and how you can become really good at it. With the exclusive tools and software, the Domain Sellers Club includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides to power up your domains. It's all given to you, so you're ready to go and be ready to start right away.

All this for just $37



"This Means A Lot To Me..."

"Edwin, from the very first email, I sensed an honorable businessman
! I want to deal only with people that have integrity. You have demonstrated that well. You are a professional helping me get educated and that means a lot to me. Thanks again, Edwin."

John Goodwill
Tenacity Group

nancy"I Am So Happy..."

"I have purchased a number of domain products in the past two years. Yours is, by far, the most informative, outstanding service. It has
a wealth of information and is very detailed. I am so happy to have found it. I definitely know that without your help, I would not have been able to find out how to proceed with selling my domains in the most productive way."

Nancy P.
N. Haven, CT.

daniel"Make Money With Domains..."

"The domain name business has always had a mysterious nature. Too many secrets, too many doubts, too many things never said. Or never written. Edwin has developed a service that we believe to be a mile-stone in this field. It is is one of the most complete domain resources on the net.
It will show you how to make money with your domain names."

Daniel Mejia & Max Ralli


Here is your starting point.

You are going to get your hands on over 50 HOURS of regularly updated content to put you in the company of other successful domainers.

The Domain Sellers Club will help you create a portfolio of profitable domain names that will generate a consistent monthly income for you and teach you how to sell domain names. There's no limit to how much you can make doing domain flipping. I will personally show you how I regularly sell my website.

The time to join is now.

This offer will not last FOREVER. This is no hype. When I see that we have enough new members to move to the next level, I will remove this offer and that means you will not be able to join at this low price of $37. The price will probably revert back to $97.

We're looking for members who are fast movers… people who see the big picture, know a great opportunity when they see it and know what to do to take action. If you are a person who have big goals like us – then you can make a huge success of yourself with the Domain Sellers Club.

So don't procrastinate, join now while the opportunity is still open.

If you don't do this, someone else will. By this time next week, that someone will have their domains evaluated by the big domain investors for possible purchases.

Why waste another minute? Join now. Your timing is just perfect.


It's time for you to be the newest dot-come money maker!

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